Retinol Night Cream For Skin Regeneration

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Aging is natural, so should the process be! Let’s gracefully tackle the skin concerns that come along as we age – dryness, dehydration & loss of elasticity. Embrace this rich night cream to lock in moisture specially crafted for nighttime. Enriched with Liposomic Retinol that effortlessly penetrates deeper and faster into the layers of the skin. Receive an intense surge of hydration while you sleep. Wake up to bouncier & firmer skin that looks smooth & well-rested!

How to use

  • Take some moisturizer
  • Apply it over your face & neck
  • Massage using an upward motion
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Liposomic Retinol

Liposomic Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A which contains anti-aging and exfoliating properties. It penetrates deeper and faster into the layers of the skin and smoothes out fine lines & wrinkles.

Hemp Stem Cells

Hemp Stem Cells help increase cell turnover. The new skin cells improve the skin's elasticity over time and keep it from sagging. It boosts collagen production, making the skin look plump & firm.

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  • All the ingredients work synergistically to repair & regenerate skin cells.
  • It helps boost collagen production and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • It improves skin elasticity by refining skin texture and making it firm.


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