Our Story

Founded in 2022 by Husband-wife Duo, Gunjan Agarwal & Vikash Agarwal, Xyst originated with the idea of simplifying skincare by bringing quality products that are hassle-free, easy on the pocket, and safe to use.

 Xyst literally translates to a walk in the garden covered with trees. We keep nature at the heart of all our formulations, and the serenity that comes from using no-fuss skincare is reflected in our soothing textures and the feel-good factor that comes after using our products. We are chasing that feeling and you will feel it too!


Nature meets Science

We tapped into the market and discovered a lot of overpriced skincare that are chemical-based and hence we went all out with our formulations to produce 100% vegan, toxin-free, and cruelty-free products. We are the 1st derma-certified skincare brand (we mean we are not just dermatologically tested).

We began our extensive research by trying plant extracts and combining them with high-performing actives to bring effective and result-oriented combinations that work on all skin types & concerns.

Our product portfolio reflects our effort and authenticity of unique nature-forward ingredients like Cica and hemp blending into classic actives like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C in their purest form. This makes our formulations fast-absorbing and result-oriented and we are proud of it!


Why choose us?

By choosing Xyst, you can trust that you are using certified products that are safe for your skin with nature's healing powers combined with science for healthy skin that radiates with confidence.

We define ourselves as a functional skincare brand that is for all age groups, genders, skin types and concerns